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Adv Animation Final

For the final I decided to continue my mid term. I extended the first scene, fixed the planet in the second, and unfortunately didn’t have enough time to fix the liquid in the third scene, and I was more focussed on getting the timing and shape of the liquid in the fourth and final scene […]

Adv Anim Final

For the final I will be finishing off my midterm, scenes 3 & 4. I will be working extensively on the primordial ooze and it’s movement within each frame and it’s interaction in order to make it more life-like, dynamic and believable.    

Animation Mid Term – Transmigration of the Soul

Adapting my Photoshop skills to a timeline was a thinking exercise in terms of breaking down the scene into it’s moving parts, how they would move, and what would be seen with each movement. The theme I originally proposed shifted slightly due to difficultly in finding assets large enough to zoom into that had the […]

Animation Midterm Storyboard

The theme of identity is what this midterm will be based on. The first scene starts with an initializing of life (movement) by an alien presence (might be changed to the “hand of god”), that gets everything started. The faceless women birth/begin the process by shooting a crow into space.┬áBirds are often used as symbols […]

Moodboard for Midterm

  The theme the midterm will be based on is that of identity. I’m interested in maneuvering within the frame to and from individuals (who’s faces or character have/has been manipulated) and within differing scenes to get to each character along the way. Say for example that we the viewer travel (zoom in on) along […]

The Picnic

The second assignment of the semester is to animate 2 characters and give some weight or personality to their form. Since I have the tendency to gravitate towards still imagery, I used an old photograph and hand drawn character as the basis for the unusual 5 second narrative.