Final Proposal

For the final project Alina, Batu and I have joined forces to create a webpage that shows the most popular videos (from YouTube), images (from Pinterest or Instagram) and articles (from Buzzfeed or Reddit) of the day side by side, with a most popular search at the bottom from Google. This would be for people […]

Database Input & Output

With great frustration and sporadic amounts of confusion I finally was able to get Shawn’s example of the database to work on my site. The problem along the way was in understanding the framework in which everything speaks. I had difficulty sorting out the errors, still not sure how to use MMAMP (keep updating live), […]

The Human Dimension (Natalie Bookchin Interview)

Natalie’s work is described as “documentary” although I believe with any documentary work the element of interpretation cannot be forgotten. From NYC street photographers like Bruce Gilden to the photographers hired by the  Farm Security Administration in the 1930’s like Dorothea Lange, the element of subjective interpretation has always existed within visual art. To quote Natalie, her […]


This class is where PHP has first entered my world. I’m still wrapping my head around when I can mix it with Html (order of weave), but as an exercise in using it, the class was assigned the task of designing a simple calculator of sorts. Input = An Output. As inspiration, I used a […]

Welcome to HTML

I haven’t written in HTML for well over a decade, and albeit some of the syntax looks familiar, there are still some definite differences. For the homework for the first class I created a quick page to re-familiarize myself to get the ball rolling. You can see the results here for yourself:

The Web We Build

After reading Anil Dash’s “The Web We Lost” and “Rebuilding the Web We Lost“, it is interesting to note the cyclic trend period we are currently encountering. The web was started as a means to communicate & create, and it wasn’t  until recently that it was being commodified. There have been great services that have […]

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Visionary Progress

After reflecting on  “Long Live the Web” and “As We May Think”, it is most apparent in my mind that keeping the Web open regarding access and data is essential for human progress. This is especially true since with greater knowledge being gleaned from the data (through advances in technology and increasingly better collection and […]

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