Animation Mid Term – Transmigration of the Soul

Adapting my Photoshop skills to a timeline was a thinking exercise in terms of breaking down the scene into it’s moving parts, how they would move, and what would be seen with each movement. The theme I originally proposed shifted slightly due to difficultly in finding assets large enough to zoom into that had the aesthetic qualities I was looking for. This brought me to the concept of the soul and its journey. So, the beginnings of life in this world was started by the hand of a mostly unseen greater power. The people act as vessels, each location in place of their face representing places that are deeply influential into the formation of each character. The crow that is shot into the world represents the soul, and the following scenes are it’s journey and search for an ultimate home. The second scene with the storm is to set the stage for impending drama and change, while the third scene is where the soul meets a self-imposed rigidity (as represented by the house), whereby it transforms into primordial goo. Due to time restrictions, the final scene is not present in the film, but can be seen on the mood board. After the primordial goo left scene 3 from the corner of the pict, it would have entered the left frame, tried to enter the man there, was fought, and ultimately flung to the right frame where it landed onto the tray and the goo dripped to the floor revealing a beating heart on the platter.

Click the pict to see the film.