The Web We Build

After reading Anil Dash’s “The Web We Lost” and “Rebuilding the Web We Lost“, it is interesting to note the cyclic trend period we are currently encountering. The web was started as a means to communicate & create, and it wasn’t ¬†until recently that it was being commodified. There have been great services that have come where others have gone, and unfortunately much of the web now supports “giant companies pursuing their agendas instead of collaborating in a way that would serve users”.

Innovative new opportunities still exist mind you, however it is by means of educating oneself about what has come before and avoiding those pitfalls, as well as keeping an open mind and paying attention to the needs of the audience that will help create success. As Anil said, “Right now, all of the places we can assemble on the web in any kind of numbers are privately owned. And privately-owned public spaces aren’t real public spaces. They don’t allow for the play and the chaos and the creativity and brilliance that only arise in spaces that don’t exist purely to generate profit. And they’re susceptible to being gradually gaslighted by the companies that own them”. WIth this in mind, we should make it our obligation to continue to create, innovate, and affect society and culture at large with passion to keep the human spirit alive and connected.