18 Minutes of YOU…


The above time log is from an extended observation of the downstairs¬†security guard. The tone of the writing is narrative, and personal, almost alluding to something more existing, similar to Jill Magid’s work “Evidence Locker”. The decision to observe someone observing me, or the idea of them looking out for me because they had to was interesting in that it touched upon the impersonal nature of the action, albeit a¬†necessary one. The interaction, or lack thereof appealed in that it was a space where observation or surveillance was to be expected and already okayed. The only twist in this situation being that it was two sided, instead of the single sided way it normally takes place. This exercise was helpful by giving me the opportunity to sit and actually see what these guards encounter on a daily basis. The numbers of people that pass before them, the difficulty in monitoring that many people, what people try to get away with, and the politics and power issues that at times befall them.


Pencil Sketch