Database Input & Output

With great frustration and sporadic amounts of confusion I finally was able to get Shawn’s example of the database to work on my site. The problem along the way was in understanding the framework in which everything speaks. I had difficulty sorting out the errors, still not sure how to use MMAMP (keep updating live), and got errors along the way when trying to upload files (because I was trying to sort how to create a table in various ways). I’ve been using TeamTreeHouse  and Codecademy to try to fill in the blanks about the where and how  I can do things (which is helpful for a visual person as myself), but there is still a steep learning curve for me in all this coming straight from ICM. I also attempted a couple other databases, one which a person can write their name and level of workload, but beyond the first page I get an error I haven’t had time to sort out (see below).From Shawn's Code