Final Proposal

For the final project Alina, Batu and I have joined forces to create a webpage that shows the most popular videos (from YouTube), images (from Pinterest or Instagram) and articles (from Buzzfeed or Reddit) of the day side by side, with a most popular search at the bottom from Google. This would be for people who have little time to consume content, but wish to stay current on a day by day basis. The url is:

Currently for the presentation we have on the site YouTube’s most popular (of all time), Instagram’s top pict of the day, and Reddit’s top pict. We are currently sorting how to call YouTube’s most_popular ¬†which works within “today” and “all_time” to call the “most_popular”.


What Happened on the Internet Today?


I worked on the YouTube API, which although seemed straight forward to make the call, was much more complicated and at times frustrating to work with than anticipated. (See the screen grab below for the code that was used.)

YouTube API Code