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Python Final

Inspired by recent personal turmoil, I chose the texts “Darkness” by Lord Byron, “Dreamland” by Lewis Carroll and “A Question” by Robert Frost¬†due to their themes and syntax. I randomized “Darkness” and “Dreamland” in a mashup, and pushed “A Question” into it as a sort of oracle. The process was done 75 times, looking at […]

RWET Midterm

My goal in this assignment was to create text based op art that would play one’s the perception of pattern. Placement and manipulation of text was key, as were the words themselves and font (Courier was used for all of the pieces at size 10). For a full justification of the text (no ragged left […]

2 Text Word Randomize (Mashup)

HW2 For this recent assignment I chose to randomize and combine two text pieces. The above image is one example of an entire output. For the final presentation of this piece, I’ve further chosen to edit one output, ¬†line by line so that it reads with a more fluid and contains a more intended meaning. […]

“Falling Up”

This piece of generated poetry was inspired by the tragic events of Sept 11, 2001. The original text was taken from “Darkness” by Lord Byron, however the words were randomized in code, and edited by myself.   And wings; wildest flap brutes tame vipers came and tremulous; crawl’d twin’d and multitude, among they themselves slain […]