RWET Midterm

My goal in this assignment was to create text based op art that would play one’s the perception of pattern. Placement and manipulation of text was key, as were the words themselves and font (Courier was used for all of the pieces at size 10). For a full justification of the text (no ragged left or right) I copied the resulting text files into InDesign, and ultimately saved the files as PDFs, opened them in Photoshop, and printed them from a TIFF version. This process was interesting in that there are various ways to manipulate the text input with Python, and the dynamic format of the output txt files pasted into InDesign added another unexpected element when justifying. The final pieces were kept if they met the criteria or aim of the python program, and if they didn’t, were disregarded so as to keep creative intent with no cheating. Overall, the entire process was very gratifying, and full of further potential.

Example Code and Output

And Whom I Love 42x60 print close up

I Had A Dream Output

Morn Came Argyle