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The above work was inspired by Gillian Wearing’s 1992-1993 project Signs That Say What You Want Them to Say and Not Signs That Say What Someone Else Wants You To Say. Her process for the project involved approaching strangers on the streets of London and asking if they would write a sentence or a phrase on a piece of paper. She would then photograph them displaying the piece of paper covered by a sentence or phrase that showed the personal thought or feeling. The above six images were done as a recreation in a brief way to see if what was written on paper (if the physical) would be any different than what would be said online. The fellow in red on the lower left side was a graduate of TISCH who didn’t have internet and was in the lounge online when I met him. The words above are what he wanted to express even though he was there laying low, and seem quite poignant considering that the lady in the background of his image is homeless, causing his words to resinate even further.

Gillian Wearing "Studies"

Gillian Wearing “Studies”